Image Type and Size

The following image types are used throughout the catalog, and you can choose which image you want to use for each. If you do not assign an image to each type, a placeholder image will be used instead.

Thumbnail The thumbnail image appears in the thumbnail gallery, shopping cart, and in some blocks such as Related Items.
Example Size: 50 x 50 pixels
Small Image The small image is used for the product images in listings on category and search results pages, and to display the product images needed for sections such as Up Sells, Cross Sells, and the New Products list.
Example Size: 370 x 370 pixels
Base Image The base image is the main image on the product detail page. Image zoom is activated if you upload an image that is larger image than the image container.
Example Size: 370 x 370 pixels (without zoom)
Example Size: 1100 x 1100 pixels (with zoom)

By default, the container that holds the product image is square. As a result, you can take full advantage of the available space by making your product images square. However, regardless of their size or shape, images are automatically resized to fit the width of the container, which makes it possible to upload a single image and assign it to all three types.

The base image is the place to start, because it determines the level of magnification that is available for image zoom, and can be reduced to any smaller size that is needed. In one scenario, a single image (1100 x 1100 pixels) can be uploaded and assigned to all three types. Then additional images (470 x 470 pixels) can be uploaded to show different views of the product.


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